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Yes, even though the GremlinLegions are known for game hacks, they are capable of making original games (well...some of them are based on other games, but with significant changes, reworking, or blessings from the original creators).
Like with the hacks, we cannot always confirm the quality and playability of all games. Some work better than others...for one reason or another.

Girl X Girl

Based on the dating-sim RPGs GxB and BxB by Jake Richmond and Heather Applington from Cel*Style, GxG is an attempt to capture the feel of classic yuri anime and dating sims. It is available for sale on the Cel*Style website (links coming soon), or you can download a crappy resolution copy here!

Companies & Carpools

Yes, you too can pretend to be one of the Cthulhu mythos, playing a role-playing game about pretending to be normal humans stuck in dead-end jobs, and cheating with eldritch powers to succeed.

Super Arcade Bros.

A poorly thought-out attempt at making a side-scroller adventure table-top game. You have been warned!

Screw You Rebel Scum!

A game that is currently going through revisions ( it's been on the backburner...), where you take on the role of imperialistic space soldiers in shiny white armor.

Kaitou Legacy

Based on the mechanics of John Harper's The Wildlings, this game lets you play super thieves trying to pull off grandiose heists, much in the vein of Lupin the Third.


A card-based story game, where a gang of thieves throw accusations back and forth to try and figure out how their heist went wrong, and who took all the loot!

Princess Provocateur

Using mechanics similar to Heist, this game turns fairy tales on their ear, as not-so-helpless princesses tell the story of how they escaped the clutches of the villain-of-the-week, all whilst avoiding the irritating and domineering hero.

Felony Conviction

A not-quite-finished-yet game about thieves, murderers, kidnappers, dealers, fences, and thugs, an homage to ultra-violent black-humor video games like Grand Theft Auto (not so much Saints Row). Yes, it's meant to be nasty and violent, but no more so than your typical fantasy game about murder hobos. Just that with FC, you don't have the fancy veneer of fantasy tropes.
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