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GremlinLegions is best known (if known at all) for its game hacks! We hack LOTS of games.


Because it takes an enormous amount of willpower to see so many great game mechanics out there that are just BEGGING to be surgically altered, all Frankenstein-like, into other settings or genres! Mwahahahahahahahahaha!!


As time has gone on, GremlinLegions has been able to refine their game hacking of these are going to be more playable and well thought-out than others. You have been warned. But as time goes on, and as games are played, rest assured that our hordes of gremlinoids will update files to make them better!

Hacks based on: (links to original authors and images coming soon)

DangerPatrol (by John Harper)

Ghost/Echo (by John Harper)

Lady Blackbird (by John Harper)

Apocalypse World (by D. Vincent Baker)and Dungeon World (by Sage LaTorra and Adam Koebel)

Cthulhu Dark (by Graham Walmsley)

Into the Odd (by Chris McDowall)

Ammo (by Andy Henderson)

Sea Dracula (by Jake Richmond and Nick Smith)

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