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Mar 19, 2013

GameStorm 2013 Y'ALL

So, yeah, I haven't been updating the blog.

At all.

Mea culpa.

There was even a week or two where I had pretty much taken the whole thing down.

I'm just not much of a blogger. I can't really pretend that I have anything really deep or meaningful that people would want to read on a regular basis. It's so much easier doing that on G+, especially since I can do it in short, irregular, unpredictable spurts.

I WILL, however, be turning this into my official GremlinLegions repository for games that I have developed, hacked, reskinned, or have in development. It'll take a few weeks to get all that in order. Patience.

Speaking of which, during GameStorm 2013 in Vancouver Wa, from March 21-24th, I will be there, gaming it up, AND selling my first official RPG, through the Cel*Style imprint (much thanks to +Jake Richmond and +Ben Lehman for their endless support).

What game, you ask?


Yes. Yuri role-playing.

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