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Oct 28, 2011

Stage One

J. Walton had a crazy-awesome idea, about writing mini-indie games based on our favorite video games.

Now, I am totally geeked out by this, as I have, previously, tried to do something like this, with Super Mario Bros. (while linked, don't bother downloading's broken and crappy...I'm better than that now).

This time around, I figured I'd go with something more...Halloween appropriate, and thus I present to you the early draft of Resident Evil+. It still needs some work, but is a good start. Give it a shot...if you dare.

EDIT: Here's an early errata - When assigning Risk to a character's action, maximum should be 3. Any more than that, and characters are almost assured to fail. Particularly with some of the players I hang with.

EDIT: The link has been revised, so you can download the latest and "greatest" version of Resident Evil+. I think this one works a little bit better.
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