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Aug 22, 2011

Free RPG: Companies & Carpools

This is something that was spawned from a random link on StoryGames, to a funny webcomic called chainsawsuit. Specifically, THIS one. I don't know why I hadn't checked out chainsawsuit before...I had heard many good things about it. Now I have who-knows-how-many comics to read through. Not that I'm complaining :P.

Uh, anyway. So, there was mention of something about breaking the fourth wall in a game, with players playing Lovecraftian Mythos (oh, btw happy belated birthday Lovecraft!) playing a roleplaying game about ordinary humans. Of course, silly me, I think "Why, I can write up a few notes that are just popping into my head, post it as a response, and be done with it, right?"

Of course not.

I spent a good part of last week tinkering on the brief rules I originally posted, then tinkering on cover artwork (because it NEEDS a cover, right?), then back to tinkering on more rules and making playsets. The final result, I will kid you not, should be playable, but it is a very BROKEN playable. I make no assurances. Not to mention it isn't really all that original, mecahnically speaking. Bits and pieces were torn off games like Fiasco, Cortex+, Chronica Feudalis, and Apocalypse World (though I'd like to think they were inspiration...), making some hideous, Frankenstein monster, but the size of a Pikachu.

Anyway, here is the final result. Try not to go murderously insane!

EDIT: Just revised the text, fixing a few spelling errors, and toning down the stuff in the playsets. It was mentioned that they were a bit too "not mundane," so I tried to make them more open to interpretation. Really, I was trying to think "what kind of weird shit do people get themselves into in REAL life?" and this was the stuff I came up with.
ALSO I added two new playsets to the contents, as well as some interior art (not as nice as I'd like, but it fits), so you have more incentive to re-download the game!

...really, I mean it. It's updated. Try downloading it again!
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