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Jun 3, 2011

Castle Blackbird, 2nd version

As promised, here is the updated link to the revised Castle Blackbird. Not much has really changed, for the most part. The Power option has been removed, so now characters can use as many of their supernatural tags as they like, as long as they are appropriate for the task at hand. However, any Effort spent on supernatural actions get replaced with new, red Effort dice, that represent the character being drained of mystical energy. The dice can still be used for normal actions, just not for supernatural ones. They can be refreshed over time.
I should say, this is an untested mechanic (getting my normal cadre of gaming buddies to try out one of my hacks, much less a narrative-centric game, is pretty tough nowadays), and will probably have to be revised. But at least in my head, it sounded like a good alternative, and doesn't really affect too much how the flow of the game works.
So, please give it a shot, and PLEASE tell me if you like it or not. I've now had nearly 1000 downloads of Castle Blackbird (which absolutely blows my mind!), and hopefully there'll be another 1000 of the current version. At least, I hope so.

In other news, I've been putting forth an artistic effort to contribute to other games and writers. I'm drawing up sample characters for John Harper's Danger Patrol, which has made me absolutely giddy with excitement. Also started contributing to a new game called Ingenero, which looks to be interesting. The portion I'm working on is called Black Sun, involving Nazis, the supernatural, ass-kicking, and other classic WWII stuff. I had also done some sketches for a hack of Apocalypse World, called Minions, Inc., which I really should get back to work on at some point...especially since they've been so much fun to draw.
Now, the question is will any of this ever see the light of day? Well...I hope so. I'm not going to pretend that I'm some great artist-in-the-works, but it'd be kinda cool to have some of my designs out there.
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