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May 23, 2011

A little something I'm fiddling with

Over on StoryGames, there was a thread about updating and adding narrative gaming aspects to some old-school games, like Kult, Tales from the Floating Vagabond, RIFTS, Torg, Twilight 2000...oh, and TOON! I wanted to see more brainstorming about how these older games could be made awesome, but it looks like the thread eventually lost interest.

But anyway, my train of thought was to take the old TOON game, and make it more narrative-y, by hacking the rules for octaNe, which seemed perfectly logical at the time. Below, you'll find what I have typed up so far, and I think, hopefully, it'll be short and easy enough that I may actually finish it up pretty quickly...maybe even making it a downloadable booklet that can print on a couple of pages. ...and then I can go back to working on Troubleshooter, Screw You Rebel Scum!, etc. We'll see.

a completely uNecessary tooN hack for octaNe

Making Characters
Styles - the way your Toon does things, distribute 4 points
*Brawn - with brute strength and aggression
*Charm - with persuasion and attrativeness
*Guile - with trickery and deception
*Moxie - with daring and reckless action
*Smart - with common sense and knowledge
*Weird - with absurdity and strangeness

Shticks - the things your Toon does and is good at, choose 5
These can be skills, talents, training, professions, advantages, benefits, resources, personality traits, motives, powers, or other cartoony effects.

Stuff - the Toon’s signature possessions, choose 1
These can be weapons, armor, tools, vehicles, gadgets, or other props that define your Toon’s appearance or activities.

Plot Points - your Toon’s current influence and progress within the story, start with 1
If your Toon’s Plot Points drop below zero, he is out of the rest of the Scene, and returns next Scene with 1 point

Roll 1 die, or 3 die if you have an applicable Shtick
Stuff can act as a Shtick once per Story, otherwise it only adds +1 die to applicable actions
Plot Points can be spent to add +1 die to any action
Subtract the conflicting Style +1 with applicable Shtick and Stuff from opposition
The highest die determines the result
1 - Director completely controls the result; the Toon loses 1 Plot Point
2 - Director completely controls the result
3 - Director controls the result, modified by the Toon
4 - Toon controls the result, modified by the Director
5 - Toon controls the result, gaining Plot Points equal to the Style used
6 - Toon controls the result, gaining Plot Points equal to the Style used +1

...that's what I have so far, but with this, and assuming action order based on the highest Style involved going first, and some familiarity with octaNe rules (where Brawn fills in for Might and Weird fills in for Magic), you can probably run with it pretty easily.
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