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Apr 16, 2011

Go Play PDX at Rainy Day Games

So, on Friday, I went to my friendly local game store, Rainy Day Games, to attend an indie game meetup with Go Play PDX. It was for this event that I was toiling and toiling and making every possible attempt to try and finish Troubleshooter.
I failed, however. There was too much day-job work to do, and with my main home computer dead as my sister's old parakeet, I just didn't have enough time with a decent design program to finish anything. I mean, sure, I could have just printed out the plain text of the game, but I'm a DESIGNER as well as a GAMER, so just handing out plain text would've been like a box of candy with just the toffees.
I am going to get Troubleshooter out as soon as I can, though. It is the stepping stones upon which my changes and revision of Screw You Rebel Scum! rest. In the meantime, though, I think I will do some revisions to Project:Black and All_Spark (okay, so I've DONE some revisions to Project:Black, but I've had some more thoughts, so am revising it again, and whatever happens to that, will also happen to All_Spark). I may also put out another variation of Paranoia, based on Graham Walmsey's Cthulhu Dark rules. Not sure what I'll call that, but it'll be a quick and easy little thing, if it gets done.

But, back to Go Play PDX! This really was my first time getting together with gamers other than my usual crown up in Vancouver. I'm not very...sociable...I should say. I don't like people very much, or I should say that my attitudes towards people have been molded by far too many poor experiences with them. So I was a bit wary, but knowing that some of the attendees were people I've met at Story Games, I was emboldened. Plus, it helped that Rainy Day Games is, technically, in my territory, and so it felt safe.
There were about seven people all together, and we split into two groups, playing Fiasco. For those of you not familiar with Fiasco, imagine a story-telling game that is molded from the Coen Bros. cutting-room floor. Good stuff, and now I can't wait for the next one!

... know, when I started this post, I thought I'd have something profound to say about the whole thing. Turns out I don't. Fun was had. Imagination was sparked. Enthusiasm was regained.

So, yeah. YEAH!

...and then I ate sushi. YEAH!!
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