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Mar 16, 2011

I'm Gonna Shoot Me Some Trouble...

Yeah, my directionless way of writing and hacking games has gone all wonky again. I start working on one idea, then get distracted by another idea, and so on, ad infinitum. Such is my life. Seriously, I need someone to keep me chained to a desk with no distractions so that I can work on, and finish, one thing at a time.

I was, up until recently, working on some hacks of Ghost/Echo and Cthulhu Dark. Then started tinkering around with Screw You Rebel Scum again, trying to get it to work. Then shifted around trying to revise my hack of DungeonSlayers. And then dug around for my terrible handwritten notes on YaminoMono. And then started to revise Castle Blackbird. AND THEN decided I wanted to use it to make a Star Wars game. AND THEN... get the idea.

And then, a few weeks ago, I was able to get back to gaming on a semi-regular schedule. Superheroes. Specifically, Mutants & Masterminds.
I love superheroes, and yet I hate superheroes. The comics give such inspiration, and the latest M&M 3rd edition makes it so easy to emulate the heroics of those comics. But then, I hate some of the inane crap that goes on in comics, and I don't like how superhero RPGs tend to run like a dungeoncrawl, instead of like a comic.
I'm still keeping an open mind, and holding out hope for a successful campaign, despite the super-large group I'm playing with, and the somewhat "rigid" story structure of the adventure. Maybe I've gotten spoiled from hanging out at StoryGames too much. Or maybe I need to find a new group...
A lot of my time has been spent tinkering around with other game hacks, and when it was mentioned that half the group wasn't going to show up this week, I thought, hey, the others could help my playtest some of my new rules for SYRS!, so I could hammer out some of the kinks before getting everything totally written up. So I spent a week trying to put together a super-lite version, reskinned for a one-shot, using Paranoia as the base instead of Star Wars.
...and it started to look really kind of cool! I was seriously excited by the way the rules were falling into place, and even managed to incorporate some ideas from Cthulhu Dark. So Monday rolled around and I had my rules-lite printouts ready for gaming...when everyone else decided to cancel as well.

...which sucks.

But it's giving me a little more time to file-off more of the serial numbers from the game, to make it into something more open-source friendly. It still needs a little work, so it won't be posted for at least a week, but in the meantime, I hope the few of you who look at this blog will look forward to:
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