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Feb 6, 2011

Update on a few things

I'm surprised that I've actually received as much traffic as I have. And yet no comments. So, people are looking but I'm not posting anything interesting enough? I don't know. Oh well...I shall not dwell on it.

Anyway, here's where things stand with some of the games I've been working on:
  • Castle Blackbird: I'm surprised how many downloads there have been for this game! It makes me feel so...I don't know...proud? But, like the blog itself, very few comments, and no Actual Play reports, so I don't know if there's anything people think should be fixed. I mean, the Lady Blackbird ruleset is fairly solid, but I don't know if I went too far with all of the abilities and the rules for Power. And I can't playtest it myself until at least March, when I get back to my regular gaming group (hopefully), and even then, their immediate plan is to start up an Earthdawn campaign. I really need a second group...But hopefully people are enjoying it and someday I can make it into more of a campaign setting as opposed to a playset.
  • All_Spark: There's actually been a few downloads for this, so that's kinda cool. Already noticed a few errors in the text that need to be fixed, but nothing major. And now that I've finished Project:Black, I intend on using those rules for a revised All_Spark. I'll probably try to make a random mission generator for it, too.
  • Project:Black: This one I'm pretty proud of, and is the second-most downloaded game I've hacked so far. And I finished it before my girlfriend's convention, so she has something to entertain herself with (okay, well, she WILL be at a Doctor Who convention...there's little chance she'll get bored). I'm sure I'll need to make a few changes at some point, but right now, it is VERY playable.
  • Screw You Rebel Scum!: I am still working on this, and am determined to have the next version available by the beginning of March. After reading Chronica Feudalis (I think that was the name...I don't have the text available to reference right now...), I'm hacking some ideas and mechanics from it to use in SYRS! It may mean my dream of a real, GM-doesn't-have-to-roll-anything game is far off, but it'll be fun nevertheless. And this time around, I can get some rules for the Force as well. However, right now my attention has been drawn by...
  • Troubleshooter: This was a small idea that had been floating around in my head for quite some time, but never had a rule system that I wanted to use. Essentially, it's Paranoia but simplified and with most of the serial numbers filed off the setting. After Graham Walmsley released his Cthulhu Dark rules, it kind of hit me that they would work fairly well for something Paranoia-related. It is, however, taking a bit longer than I had expected, but should be done fairly in a few days. Just trying to work out how Treason and mutations function.
  • DangerQuest: Another game that had been posted recently that gave me inspiration was Kirin Robinson's Old School Hack. I had been following its progress for a while, and I kinda like the feel of it, though primarily in the game-play, not so much the mechanics (which are fine...I'm just weird). But it is pushing me to continue development on one of my DangerPatrol hacks called DangerQuest. However, instead of just taking DangerPatrol and coloring it with fantasy elements, DangerQuest will function like a normal fantasy RPG, just with DangerPatrol mechanics. Still need to figure out how gear, weapons, armor, and magical items will work, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out. It'll still have to wait till I finish with SYRS!, but it won't be too long.
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