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Feb 9, 2011

DuckTales RPG ...or... "What the hell is wrong with me?"

Seriously, my brain takes the strangest vacations when the rest of me is doing some repetetive, non-thinking action, like cutting down paper, boxing up business cards, talking to my manager, etc. (which is also known as pretty much my entire day job).

So there I am, cutting up and boxing labels for a well-known PDX brewery, when I start to think back upon my early gaming years in Junior High at Oregon Episcopal School. My buds and I would play anything we could get our hands on (which, in those days, consisted largely of Palladium's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Heroes Unlimited, TSR's AD&D 2E, and R. Talsorian's Teenagers From Outer Space). We had a hell of a fun time, even though I was still kinda new to the whole thing, and didn't really get that you sometimes had to read the rules (hey, everyone else was GMing, so I didn't need to worry about it).

Anyway, my friend Ted (whose last name now escapes me...Laderas, I was twenty years ago...) was the first person I knew who tried his hand at writing his own RPG, based on Disney's cartoon series DuckTales. Seriously, in that day and age, DuckTales and its counterpart Darkwing Duck were THE cartoons to watch, what with GI Joe, Transformers, Robotech, Thundercats, The Centurions, Bionic Six, and other cool "hero" cartoons having ended at least two or three years earlier. But it was still a cool show, long before Disney became synonymous with "sell-out" and "rat-bastard." As for the game Ted made, it was...not really memorable. Seriously, I can remember very little at all about it, aside from it was based on DuckTales, and someone made a duck based on Indiana Jones (was that me? I don't know...). He even made his own character sheets, which was quite a feat, back in the day.

So, here's my brain, reminiscing about games long past, while my hands are moving paper to and from an industrial paper-cutter. Not the safest of things, but this post isn't about me cutting off my own hands accidentally, after all.
And something goes "ping." In my brain, that is. With all of the game-tinkering and game-hacking that I've been doing over the last several years, pieces from my childhood interlocked with pieces from my adulthood, and "ping" comes the idea of a modern DuckTales RPG. I then had to slap my head a la Sokka.

...because the last thing I needed right now was another idea for a game.

But the ideas are continuing to flow and coalesce into something coherent. Again, channeling the genius that is Chronica Feudalis, I am envisioning a huge list of different abilities and items that a player can assign dice to, and possibly templates that can simply be "plugged in."

...and I should probably get back to work. But you can be expecting to see something downloadable in the near future with ducks on the front...

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