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Jan 7, 2011

Totally off track

It's not like I need to justify my crappy schedule and inability to stay focused on a single project at a time here. I think this blog is, more than anything, a place-holder for my ego, in the eventuality that something I do really gets noticed.

So, anyway, with a German copy of the 4th edition of DungeonSlayers in my hand, and after a few hours of tackling translation using various Google language tools, I've been able to get kind of excited again for doing some old-school gaming.
That is to say, I'm never NOT excited to game old-school, but the last several months have certainly made it difficult. Not to mention with a housemate who is unwilling to step outside the propaganda comfort-zone that is D&D 4E and hack-n-slash powergaming, it's been difficult to keep up my enthusiasm and rare optimism.

Anyway, with the possibility of being able to game again in February, I'm getting out my notes and my translations, and looking to work on my new hack of DungeonSlayers. This time around (and I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm too lazy to double-check what else I have on my blog), it shall be called Adventurers & Artifacts. Aside from basic mechanics and combat, I'm not sure what else might actually be kept from the original DungeonSlayers. I mean, I like the game and all, but I'm tired of the old concept of levels and classes, and have been itching to expand my fantasy game possibilities. There's a few ideas I have in mind (including class-like abilities similar to Barbarians of Lemuria and SwordWorld, a more generic and effect-based magic system, and advancement similar to Warhammer FRPG 2E).

On the design front, I am looking into opening a page on CafePress, promoting and selling t-shirt designs. I'm working on a few sketches first, trying to get a particular "feel" to them. The idea is a series of "wanted" posters, with an image of a typical, iconic fantasy class. I have one of the roughs, the Fighter, posted on my DeviantArt page, and I have a few others immediately in mind, including a Berserker, Assassin, Ranger, and Paladin. We'll see how that all goes. I need to guage if there's any interest first.

Otherwise, dammit, I've completely been slacking on everything else. Pooh on me.
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