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Jan 21, 2011

Spoiler Alert! MiB!

Unfortunately, no, this has nothing to do with the new MiB movie (which may or may not be a good idea).

No, instead, it has to do with games. Like practically 99.9% of everything else I have on this blog.

So, anyway, my girlfriend is going to Gallifrey One next month, and so I thought I'd make her something interesting to read while she flies down to LA. Of course, me being me, I decided to write her a game (or, more accurately, HACK her a game). Now, the logical assumption would be a Doctor Who-inspired game, what with it being Gallifrey One, after all. However, for those in the know, there's been plenty of Doctor Who games in the last couple of decades, with FASA, Virgin Publishing, and even Cubicle 7 taking a whack at the Doctor in dice-and-paper form.

HOWEVER, her obsession #2 (or maybe #3, after Muppets? or #4, after Muppets and Star Trek? it's hard to keep track), is Men In Black, everything from the comics, to the movies, to the cartoon series. I must admit, I'm pretty fond of the MiB as well, but she definitely takes the prize, since she's been compiling the MiB terminology and plays Agent K in her RPs.
Anyway, some years ago, there was an RPG for MiB titled, strangely enough, "Men In Black, the Roleplaying Game." Of course, it was kind of a flop (as it was made by West End Games, who in their later years really didn't have a clue how to make games), but nevertheless it remains in a proud spot on my immense gaming collection shelf of DOOM. So, with all of this talk about MiB again, and after that whole success with All_Spark, I was thinking, "What else can I apply the Ghost/Echo model of game towards?"
Obvious answer was Men In Black (well...and GI Joe, but that'll have to wait for later).

So, after compiling a whole crapload of information, and turning them into randomized tables, I've almost finished the Men In Black RPG 2.0! That...won't be the actual name. And, by "almost finished," I mean: I still have to write the rules, and I've been too busy tinkering with charts and cleaning up logos to actually write out any of the nitty-gritty.

But at least the initial design looks good!

This will probably be finished, though, in a week or so. I have about three weeks before it NEEDS to be done, but the sooner, the better.

In other news (though not like anyone really pays attention to my blog...judging from the network traffic), I AM getting around to working on the next version of Screw You Rebel Scum! It's taken a while to find the right inspiration, and I'm still trying to keep it so the GM doesn't ever have to roll dice, but I'm aiming to have this done about the same time as the MiB game, so stay tuned!!
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