Gremliny Stuff

Jan 14, 2011


So, over on StoryGames, a hack of Ghost/Echo was posted, that reskinned the game with Transformers. Which was kinda cool, though that it merely reskinned the game (which meant involving ghost worlds and supernatural powers) made it more of a re-imagining of Transformers, much in the vein of the live-action-movies-by-the-turd-who-shall-remain-nameless, rather than capturing the feel of the original Transformers or their offshoots.

So, I naturally want something more along the lines of Generation 1, and...well...I completely set everything else aside to make this (and this, if you have the capacity to print on larger sheets and cut them down). They are made to conveniently letter-fold for maximum transportability (i.e. the transform).

Not too bad for a day's work.

Now I want to do a version for GI Joe/Cobra. Oh yes, I do.
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