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Nov 30, 2010


With the StoryGames forum offline for some reason, I have been going through withdrawl. So, I figured I'd at least post an update about where everything in my bizarre schedule of game tinkering stands:

  • Castle Blackbird: Done. Waiting to hear back from people who play it, so that I can work on some tweaks and changes (adding in relationships to other characters as a part of character creation, and simplifying how Magical traits work).
  • Screw You Rebel Scum - Beta: In progress. Got a few tweaks, and I plan on making the dice rolling a bit more like Danger Patrol rather than some horrible D20 rip-off. To that end, I'm going to try and simplify weapons and armor, and make the threats a bit more intuitive. This is the priority right now, since I have Stormtroopers on the mind.
  • DungeonCrashers: Uh... I'll probably get back to work on this soon (I say, four months after my last post about it...). Now that I have seen the translations for the remaining spells that were previously only in German, I can start tinkering with the system a bit more, making it suit my group's needs. The version we have right now has 13 base abilities (which shall become 12 soon), and we're rejiggering the classes and races to that, mathematically, they all balance out (for some reason I'm terrible at the math).
    Only problem is someone else on StoryGames has been talking about using the name DungeonCrashers...and since I am not really the confrontational type (well, yes I am, but I hate myself for it), and even though I've been batting about the name "DungeonCrashers" since I was living in Japan, I'm figuring I'll relinquish the name, in hopes that it gets a better home. In the meantime, while it really isn't super-important, I'm trying to figure out a new name to call my DungeonSlayers hack.
  • Scott Pilgrim RPG: Well, inspiration for this one has waned, though I still want to hack Danger Patrol to this purpose. I just get so hung up in the details, that it distracts me too much. I focused too much on making things sound cool and Scott Pilgrim-ish, and not enough time on making sure the mechanics reflect a Scott Pilgrim-ish game. Shame on me.
  • Yami no Mono: Huh. Still can't find most of my notes, and I still want to do this. I'm sure my enthusiasm for it will recover after seeing Cowboys vs. Ninjas (actually, I think it's called The Warrior's Way, but it just isn't as evocative as Cowboys vs. Ninjas). "Ninjas. Damn." We'll see where it goes after that.
  • Slacker System: What is this, you ask? (Okay, probably no one is asking, but I tend to talk to myself...) Several years ago, I did a hack of the Quick20 system from...somebody...I just am too lazy to check who did it. Search for it on, and I'm sure you'll find it pretty quick. Anyway, I ran a semi-cyberpunkish one-shot with it and liked it, for the most part, though the way skills and rolls worked didn't really click so well for me. So it sat on the back burner for MANY years, until a system came along that seemed to fit...that system being Otherkind dice. I figure one weekend, not too long from now, I will compile all my scribbled notes and actually write up a couple pages of rules for this. Until then, it is merely a cobwebby glimmer in my eye.
Other than that, I'm still working on a few Dungeoneer sketches, though nothing really fleshed out. Also, for Minions, Inc., I'm working on various minions and mastermind sketches, so maybe they can have original art all their own.
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