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Oct 11, 2010

Introducing Dungeoneers!

So, after sorting through a crapload of old doodles and crap, I figured it was about time I put them and my meager talent to good use, and post them online for all the non-drawing gamers to use. I call them DUNGEONEERS...for lack of a better term.
As I post these, I will make them linked to my Photobucket account, so you should be able to click on them and go directly to a high-res version of the image for your downloading needs.
In all cases, DUNGEONEERS will be absolutely free for you to use. I'd post a bunch of stuff here about the Creative Commons license and stuff, but I'm too lazy right now to bother with it. Just keep my signature intact, and you can use it for a character illustration, as filler in your home-brew game rules, or even in a published game (yeah, like I'd be so lucky).
I'm hoping to do two or three every week, but I'm not sure if I'm really dedicated enough to maintain that rate. But, for right now, you may feel free to sample DUNGEONEERS!

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