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Oct 30, 2010

Hellish Halloween!!

I've never really understood why anyone would wish anyone else a "Happy" Halloween. This isn't a time for happiness! This is a time for avoiding evil spirits, scaring the crap out of little children, and eating a ton of diabetes-causing candy! I blame it all on Hallmark for trying to sugarcoat everything. That, and possibly Disney for promoting princess costumes.

I love Halloween, though. My immense collection of costumes (which is third only to my collection of roleplaying games and anime) is a testament to my Halloween spirit. But of all my costumes, I still regret not being slight taller and slimmer. Then my custom Cobra Commander costume would look GREAT. Instead, I look like a Cobra Commander who's been hiding in a bunker with too much beer and potato chips. I also regret never ordering that classic metal-helmet Cobra Commander costume I saw last year. I should probably look around some more and see if I can at least find the helmet. So...f-ing...classic.

Anyway, this year, I'll be finally able to hand out candy to the little rugrats that venture to approach my steps. Haven't really had time to plan much, so I just put a bunch of fake gravestones on my front lawn, and will don my Cap'n "Powderkeg" Heineman pirate costume with the V for Vendetta mask and pretend to be a statue or something. Next year, if I have the time, maybe I'll try the eviscerated WWI doughboy again.
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