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Sep 19, 2010


Another Talk Like A Pirate Day is upon us, mateys! Or, should I be sayin' Type Like A Pirate Day?
Jovialities were had at the pirating festival in this here Land of Ports, though not as much by mineself as the other swashbucklers. Though, to be certain, the damp coldish weather was a blessing when combined with the white blouses of the wenches, and their distinct lack of undergarments. Har har, indeed.
But one as myself could not linger and enjoy such I had to lug around my best mate's boy, whose mother was down with scurvy, or some other such ailment. Alas, the boy has an obsession with bouncy rides, and not as much with wenches. We'll have to break him of the habit, I do believe. At least, when the rest of my crew arrived, I was able to find time to part with some of my hard-stolen gold, to procure a lovely hat for my woman...and one for myself, tho it be an impressive piece of haberdashery, and not lovely, mind you.

Now, that my plans for further gaming has been scuttled, at least for three or four fortnights, I shall be putting due attention onto the creation of the many diversions that have been long neglected. First and foremost is a game thus inspired by that rapscallion Scott Pilgrim. Once that has been completed, I can continue with the other endeavors, previously mentioned below. Yes, my mind does wander like a loose cannon on deck, but it shall come to rest soon.

Also, thankfully, some scallywag has posted a wondrous translation of magical spells from the original German for DungeonSlayers. Perhaps, in this time of hiatus, mayhaps I can finalize that other game...
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