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Sep 3, 2010

Everything Gets In the Way

So, my friends and I have been playing the heck out of my DungeonSlayers hack "DungeonCrashers," and finding weak points and things that should be changed or improved. This is good. The beta that we unveiled a couple of weeks ago was thanks largely to involved player input. That makes me happy.

...and it means I have some plausible deniability when the other players curse "What, you changed the game again?"
...Of course, I did point out that these were PLAYTESTS. Change is inevitable.

Anyway, that's been kinda slowing down progress on a number of my other projects. Well, my day-job hasn't helped much in that regard, either. Been busy as all heck.

So, what I PLAN to be working on soon, in this order:
-Screw You Rebel Scum, Beta Test
-DungeonCrashers, Delta Test??? (what comes after Beta?)
-DangerQuest (Danger Patrol hack for old-school console RPGs)

On the backburner are:
-Yami no Mono (haven't had a lot of inspiration for ninjas lately)
-Super Arcade Bros. (still need playtest feedback from my friends)

And...well...there are a few side-projects that have reared their ugly heads for some reason or another, that may be coming up in the next couple of weeks:
-Game Chef 2010 is coming up, and I plan to enter this time, despite the overlap with the Portland Pirate Festival. It's more of a challenge, that way. Of course, my sister's birthday falls around the same time...cuuuuuuuuuuuuurses...
-Console Heroes is an idea I had while...strangely enough...I was sitting on the toilet. My friend Conrad had asked me to turn the Super Arcade Bros. idea from a semi-board game and turn it into a RPG...and thus, the idea for Console Heroes was born under some very strange circumstances.
Basically, the idea is to keep things simple. Characters start with one ability worth a 1D6, and all other actions (for the moment) use 1D4. As they fight baddies or overcome obstacles, which are rated from 1 to 5, they use the die most appropriate: rolling 1 equals -1 points, 2-3 equals zero points, 4-5 gains 1 point, 6-7 gains 2 points, 8-9 gains 3 points, 10-11 gains 4 points, and 12 gains 5 points. If the point total equals the obstacle's score, the character succeeds, and collects the leftover points. The points can be spent on new abilities or items (basically either Level Up or Power Up). New abilities cost points equal to the die size (up to 1D12), while items cost half that much. Of course, if the character DOESN'T succeed, he loses points, and potentially special abilities, until he has nothing left, and has to Restart.
Game play would run a lot like Danger Patrol I think. Keeping it focused on the heroes and their exciting adventures. Anyway, it is still in an "imaginary development" stage, so we'll see where it goes from here. But I'm kind of excited by the possibilities.
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