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Aug 15, 2010

Super Arcade Brothers!!

So, I have been kinda distracted lately (no surprise, right?)
There was a post a couple of weeks ago on the Story Games forums, that led me to a blog post describing a proto-rpg Super Mario game intended for kids. Reading it, I thought it was a brilliant concept, and was inspired to take those ideas and meld it into something that met my needs. After three weeks of work (two weeks of which were compiling and cleaning up sprites from The Spriters Resource), I managed to put together some rules and game elements. The result of this work is now called Super Arcade Bros.!

At least in my mind, this is a pretty simple and fun game, with as much inspiration from the original poster's ideas, as well as the old Zombies!! and Arkham Horror board games. It is fairly element-heavy though. There's a whole bunch of tokens and map tiles that have to be printed and cut out, and you need a crapload of dice. But mechanically, it looks pretty sound.

That being said, it needs testing! Feel free to download the rules and elements from the link above, and give it a try or two. Let me know what you think!
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