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Jul 12, 2010

Getting Behind, but Forging Ahead

After getting slightly side-tracked by the Little Game Chef contest on Story Games, distracted by digging out my old superhero game notes, and being side-lined by a severe cold, I'm finally getting back up to speed.

I've been writing up notes and hammering out rules for Yami no Mono, albeit with some reservations as to how the game will actually play out. It's possibly going to be Danger Patrol-esque, with high-flying action and such, but I still want to emulate some of the dark, ninja fun of the Tenchu videogame series. One would think they'd meld almost perfectly together, but it's proving trickier than I had imagined.

Much to my chagrin, I've kinda put the beta test for SYRS! on the back-burner, at least until I'm fully recovered from being sick. It's hard to bounce ideas back and forth when you keep falling asleep from the meds. But since the system is changing a bit, I need to be able to focus on what I'm doing.

All of my hack ideas for Apocalypse World are similarly being put on the back-burner. I need a chance to really play AW in-depth before I can try to hack it, just so I have a better feel for the nuances of the system, and such free time is unavailable, currently.

As for the superhero game, these were cobbled-together rules that I had hacked from Silver Age Sentinels and the Unisystem. I kept tinkering with it every couple of months when we were playing it, because the balance always seemed off. Now, I'm trying to adjust it for the Scion rule set, and I think it might work quite a bit better. This time around, though, I'm submitting it to Jonny, the uber-game-breaker, to see if it works BEFORE we get around to playing it.

Still, first priority are ninjas.

...or else they'll stab me.
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