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Jul 29, 2010

Distracted by DungeonSlayers

So...I've been distracted. Because of all my friends having babies in the last couple of weeks, we took a hiatus from our short-running GURPS black-ops game, and needed something to play in the interim, until we could get all of our agents back from fatherhood training.
So I offered to run DungeonSlayers. Now, being someone who can never let a perfectly good game go un-hacked, I spent a week revising it to offer a bit more complexity, while using Google language tools to translate some of the crunchy portions of the unreleased German material and errata into the game, to create DungeonCrashers, a mildly hacked version. Now, anyone who's familiar with DungeonSlayers knows it is pretty rules-light. I intended to keep it that way, but wanted characters to have a bit more variability. So I added two abilities to each trait, renamed a few things, and changed the magic system a teensy-weensy bit.

And then we played it.

And it was so F***ING FUN! Most fun I've ever had playing a dungeon-crawl in...maybe a decade or more. Seriously.

Now that we finished the first adventure, I've been planning on simplifying some of my changes (back down to the original two abilities per trait, but adding a fourth trait), and then posting it online (of course following the Creative Commons license of the original DungeonSlayers).

...this has, however, led me astray from my ninja game and other stuff that I really should be working on. I've done NOTHING but DungeonCrashers. I can't find my ninja notes, and I really should've had Screw You Rebel Scum! ready for Beta a month ago.
But, I figure, having at least something fun to play is always good. And it IS fun to play.
Anyway, it'll probably be posted some time next week.

...and THEN I'll get back to ninjas and stormtroopers.

...Man, I really suck at this whole "consistency" thing.
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