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Jun 8, 2010

Upcoming Changes for Screw You Rebel Scum!

So, I've been giving SYRS a few runs of playtesting, and a lot of errors and problems have surfaced that I've been trying to iron out. Dealing with rewards, NPCs, advancement, and even grid movement have all been sticking points that my players have been balking a bit at.
As input has been received, I've been making changes, little by little. After I get a bit more feedback next week (after the players finish quelling Tusken Raider attacks on moisture farms), I should have a decent Beta-test booklet ready. And it will be MUCH more playable.
Changes will include:

-Changing how Effort and Chance rolls work (which are no longer tied to Victories and Defeats)

-Changing how Mission Objectives work (they will function more like Keys in Lady Blackbird - by doing something that forwards the goal of completing the objective, Victory points are rewarded, hitting Limitations will bring the pain of Defeat points).

-Supplemental Objectives for individual rewards as well...

-Making NPCs even simpler (only dice-roll penalties if heroic, otherwise they add Dangers when their Traits come into play)

-Making Results and Dangers more flexible

-Better and more diversified Advancement

-MAYBE simplifing Damage and Defense to set scores rather than rolls (have to try it out first...)

-And a smaller, half-sheet sized booklet format! And I'm liking the cover so much, I'm considering making it into a t-shirt when a finished product is ready. Or maybe I'll get it as a tattoo.

...Not likely to get a tattoo, though. Needles are scary.

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