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Jun 2, 2010

Starting Over...again...

So, I've tried this before, though under the auspices of my old Anime club/events from the days at Suncoast. Didn't work out too well. With that store closed, it sort of removed all the enthusiasm I had for rallying people around cool stuff they could watch or draw.

Water under the bridge.

Now that I'm doing more game writing, I felt it was probably time to have a place I could post my musings on games, game design, and other creative endeavors. Hey, I figure if I spend so much time doing nothing but writing up interesting game notes that never get used, I might as well post them, so maybe someone might pick them up...

I should say that all of this will be under the banner of my fledgling company, Gremlin Legions, which centers around graphic and game design, and graphic reconstruction. As things get finished, there will be links to PDFs on my Mediafire account or to images on my DeviantArt account.

That's pretty much it for now. Gonna try and get this all customized sooner or later so it looks more impressive, but for now, I gotta get back to work.

Accursed work...
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