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Jun 16, 2010

Stabbing...with NINJAS

So, since I have a few weeks before I need to finalize my Screw You Rebel Scum! beta-test, I thought I'd let my mind have a chance to wander yesterday, and try to shed the stress that's been dogging me at work and home. Bad idea.

After doing some random doodles of my GURPS Black-Ops character, I was working on some booklets for a client. Crappy little things, they are, but needless to say, they made some strange spark go off in my mind.
I'm not sure how a financial programme booklet led me to think of Ninjas, but there it was, just the same.
Needless to say, I love Ninjas, both their fictional and historical representations, and wanted to be a Ninja when I was a little kid. And there are other RPGers who share my Ninja Love. There's been a few Ninja games in the past (most notably Ninja Burger), as well as things being tinkered around with by Dylan Boates (whose site I have since forgotten), and Chris Rogers over on Praxis...coincidentally both of their ideas are called "Ninja Game." Hmm.

ANYWAY. So, my mind got latched onto this idea of making a small, quick ninja game, that could fit on a few letter-sized sheets of paper and folded into a booklet. There's been a few games and game ideas that have inspired some dice-rolling possibilities in my mind (such as Storming the Wizards Tower and Daniel Perez's thoughts on reworking the World of Darkness, and they'd fit perfectly into this Ninja plan.

So here's the basic concept of "As-of-yet-Unnamed Ninja Game with Stabbing!!"
-Characters split 10 points among three abilities: Confront (stabbing, defending, being tough), Cunning (being smart, sneaky, or tricky), and Chakra (being superhuman, illusion-y or magical). If you have any ability with a 4 (the number of death), you have to take a special disadvantage (or something...still working on that).
-When attempting something, roll a number of D6s equal to the appropriate ability, and all dice rolling 1-3 are successes, 5-6s are discarded, and any 4s add to the Danger of the action. If your successes beat the action's Danger, you complete your action. (I'm sure I'll have to work on this idea a bit more, but that's the basics)
-You can attempt multiple things (such as stabbing someone while being sneaky), but the secondary action only succeeds on 1-2s. If you do a third action, it only succeeds on 1s. The idea is that you can use all three abilities at once for different effects, but it's harder to do other things not directly part of your main action.

I'm still trying to figure out how everything else will work, but I intend on this being fairly rules-lite, with equipment and powers being descriptive fluff that can be tapped for bonuses or special effects (much like in Danger Patrol). But that's pretty much the idea so far. I'll tinker with things today, but hopefully I'll have something written out in a day or two.
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