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Jun 15, 2010

Preparing for SYRS! Beta Test

Well, the last Alpha playtest for my group was last night, and there were a few moments where I found some of my changes-in-progress to be useful, and others that were crap. But after everybody gave their 10 cents worth, I wrote up some notes, and have started tinkering away at the Beta test version. It probably won't be available until the end of June, but here are the proposed changes (or things that were going to change and now won't change as much):

-Health and Effort won't be based on the character's dice, but will, instead, be a nice, standard score for each: Stormtroopers get 10 each, Specialists get 8 Effort and 12 Health, and Elite will get 12 Effort and 8 Health. This may be subject to changes

-Rank will be determined by your starting Command Proficiency, but will be independent of it afterwards.

-There will no longer be a space for your Stormtrooper's name. You only get your designation.

-Mission Objectives and Restrictions will now act like Keys - you get Victory points for trying to achieve Objectives, Defeat points for bolloxing things up or ignoring Restrictions.

-Chance rolls will still be based on either your total Victory or Defeats, plus how much Effort you spent.

-The Dangers and Results earned from rolls will be changed a bit, to allow for a greater variation of outcomes.

-Scales will start off at a default of 1 (basic character), and won't give bonuses or penalties based on the difference - either add/subtract 2 for a 1-scale difference, and 5 for a 2-scale difference. For size, its x2 damage/defense for a 1-scale difference, x5 damage/defense for a 2-scale difference. Anything beyond that would be pointless to bother rolling (outrunning a significantly slower vehicle would be automatic, trying to order around a senior officer would be impossible, and shooting characters with AT-AT cannons would vaporize them...period).

-NPCs and Droids will be measured like they were in the original iteration of the Alpha-test, their abilities subtract from your character's rolls (minor ability 2, major ability 5, heroic 2, minor heroic ability 5, major heroic ability 10). It just ended up working better that way.

-I'm thinking of having prop-like equipment and other modifiers just give a one-time bonus to applicable checks, a la John Harper's Danger Patrol. also seriously subject to change, depending on how well it works out

-Finally, the example Results and Dangers will be boiled down to their most basic elements. When characters get Results, they will choose the effect that best represents what they are trying to do, and use it to color their narrative. Similaryly, Dangers will be more generic, and allow the MD to color the narrative as necessary. I plan on inluding examples of how Force powers would be interpreted as well.

Still, if anyone has any further suggestions on what you have seen or played, let me know so I can use it as raw resources for the Beta.

And with that, I will leave you all with a very disturbing image indeed.
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