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Jun 10, 2010

Other things in the works...

While I wait for some more playtesting feedback on Screw You Rebel Scum!, I have been tinkering with a few other ideas that have been sitting in the back of my cerebellum, stewing and fermenting.

Destinies and Doomsayers!
Inspired at the same time as I was writing SYRS!, particularly influenced by the work of Apocalypse World and Apocalypse D&D. I kinda wanted everything to work by the same rules, though, from class abilities to magic, and finally eliminate levels. For good measure, I'm throwing in inspiration from the old Dragonlance Saga game for magic, which might be a nice addition. That's probably going to be a while in the tinkering, and will depend a lot on how SYRS! works out (since I'll be using a similar system).

Danger Quest
A mixture of John Harper's Danger Patrol and old-school console role-playing games like Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior. Trying to figure out how the classes will work, and what all of their powers will be. In the meantime, I've been collecting sprites to use as paper miniatures, because I thought that's be an interesting alternative to Harper's index cards. If this works out, I'll be providing TONS of paper minis with the game rules. If I'm crazy enough (always), I might even make paper masks for kids who play the game, a la the Fortune Quest RPG (which is possibly my most favorite un-played J-RPG ever).

I don't know why I even post this, since no one knows this blog exists yet. I tell myself that by posting, it reminds me that I should finish things. Well, we will see.
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