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Apr 4, 2018

Greetings From Camp Starvation!

Wow. Has it really been... four years since my last update? Dayamn.

Well, I guess I haven't had much to show of late, between changing up jobs, moving houses, losing beloved pets, and other craziness. Still, hopefully, I should be able to do more with the blog in the near future. often have I said something like that before?

In any case, I DO have something new to show, just in time for GameStorm20, Portland's premiere gaming convention. In an effort to try out different mechanics for The Wildlings, I've been using proxy settings, where I don't have to delve into anything much more complex than basic character creation, action resolution, and advancement. The latest attempt at this is Camp Starvation.
Imagine a summer camp in southern Oregon, situated in that terrible triangle between the fictional Gravity Falls, the Oregon Vortex (a real place), and Starvation Heights, OR (also a real place...with a terribly inspiring name). What kind of weirdness would campers encounter in the woods and hills surrounding Camp Starvation? Why does the nurse at the infirmary always stare at the campers' foreheads? What was that strange, sparkly pink light that emanated from the outhouse in the abandoned farm? And where the hell did your bunkmate go last night, and why did he take the bunk with him?

The rules are minimal, but with just a little bit of imagination, you should get it to work without too much effort. Give it a shot!

May 13, 2014

Nemocon and Coming Soon!!!

This last weekend was Nemocon, a house-con hosted by Portland's own Matt Gagan. This was good, good fun. A couple handfuls of people, a relaxed atmosphere, great games, good laughs, and great food (including ten of us going to the Screen Door, where we proceeded to stuff ourselves with that is probably the closest thing to Southern food you can get in Portland). It was my first time attending, but I think that, as long as Matt continues this tradition, I'll keep going. It was just too good to ever pass up ever again.

One of the great things that I got to do was run a playtest of the revised The Wildlings. Some of you know of this game of young warriors, originally designed by the esteemed +John Harper . Over the last...four years?...I've been tinkering with it, revising things here and there, expanding other things, and trying to make it into a complete game. Each and every time I've played it, whether as player or Guide, it had been a hoot, but always with some holes that needed filling, given it's incomplete nature.

So, after some trial and error, I finally was able to get a decent enough draft, and played it with +John Harper himself, +Christian Griffen (of Anima Prime fame), +Morgan Stinson the gentle giant, and +Nate Marcel (the amazing illustrator for +Paul Czege 's The Clay That Woke). I was overwhelmed with not only how well the game flowed in the hands of these veterans, but also the awesome story that arose as a result.

Now, I'm finishing edits, adding some alternate settings (in the vein of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dungeons & Dragons the cartoon series, and maybe one more...we'll see...), and hopefully doing one more playtest at GoPlay NW next month. Then, when that is all taken care of, I plan on releasing The Wildlings to the wider world. I intend on releasing the text itself for free via this blog, probably optimized for reading on a tablet (since the current PDF, not optimized, is a whopping 64MB for only 28 pages), and then the graphic-full versions for download and print via, likely, RPGnow.

The big thing is, I don't want to profit from this. John Harper was nice enough to give me the opportunity to work on this, and it'd feel wrong for me to get money for something he had already put work into. So the intent is that anything I make off the actual sales of The Wildlings, after whatever production costs have been taken care of, will entirely be donated to charity. I'm still looking around for something good, but I'm thinking possibly Boys & Girls Aid (a local group that helps children in need of adoption and foster care, and is LGBTQ supportive).

In any case, I will make sure to keep everyone up to date about what is going on. Thanks for all the support!

Feb 20, 2014

Nothing to See Here, People!

These aren't teasers for something I'm working on.

No, not at all. I deny everything.

Feb 12, 2014

Blog Updates!!

Yes, so, I know I've been saying this for...the last year or so...but I've finally made updates to the blog.

My aim is, now, to make this less of a blog, and more of a repository for the games and designs I have worked on. It's kinda basic right now, but as soon as I get some more of the resources put together, I'll start adding some polish and images to the pages.

But in the meantime, there is now a central place to find all the game hacks, original games, and...eventually...royalty-free artwork that I have produced and will keep producing.

And I DO welcome feedback. If you like or hate my games, if you think an image was used unfairly, have suggestions for things for me to work on, etc., I'm all ears. I mean, be kind or creatively critical, at least. If you hate me, don't just leave flaming vitriol left and right. Just block me instead.